Dohazari to Cox's Bazar railway line is a proposed 120km dual-gauge passenger line in Bangladesh. SMEC, in a joint venture with CANARAIL and Systra, provided consultancy services including feasibility study, detailed design and tendering services.


  • Review of the feasibility study, detailed engineering design & drawings, technical specifications and tender documents.
  • Preparation of Construction Contract Documents including detailed design and construction supervision for the new rail line which will contain 39 bridges, 144 culverts and 183 water crossings.
  • The scope includes construction of 10.02 million cubic meters of railway embankment including subgrade, sand blanket and backfilling.



  • Dohazari to Cox’s Bazar railway includes provisions for future extensions and capacity enhancement of the line. The alignment and right of way are designed in such a way that future double-tracking of the railway line is possible.
  • Stations will be equipped with relay batteries, generator rooms, sewage and waste management facilities, and energy-saving features such as solar panels. They will also feature separate facilities for women, children, elderly and the disabled.
  • The project proposes Bangladesh’s first Elephant crossing. The Asian Elephant is classified as an endangered species and a special investigation along the alignment found 20 crossing areas.
  • Locomotives have been equipped with thermal imaging cameras which enable drivers to detect the heat signature of an elephant 1,000m ahead.
  • A dedicated social and resettlement team from the client worked closely with NGO’s to ensure rehabilitation and resettlement of communities impacted by the alignment.


  • The new railway will improve socio-economic conditions for people living in the rural areas whilst meeting rising demand for passengers and freight transportation services.
  • The essential for making railway connectivity with the famous tourist spot Cox’s Bazar with the view to cater to more tourists in Cox’s Bazar and to improve the socio-economic condition of local people.
  • The project helps Bangladesh to meet its targets under its 7th Five-Year plan and its railway master plan, which aim to raise the country’s freight market share to 15% and its passenger market share to 10%.


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