Metropolitan Sanitation Management Investment Project
Indonesia has one of the lowest coverage rates of conventional off-site urban sewerage in Asia. Most cities only have partial sewerage systems with less than five percent of the national urban population connected to central wastewater treatment plants.

The Metropolitan Sanitation Management Investment Project (MSMIP) will respond to the needs of urban communities, including low-income households, by constructing new separate sewerage systems and city scale wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), setting up local wastewater infrastructure management institutions and strengthening the relevant departments of respective regional governments. The MSMIP will provide improved urban wastewater services in three major cities in Indonesia, namely Jambi, Makassar and Pekanbaru.


Developing an integrated solution

SMEC is working with the Directorate General of Human Settlements to deliver an integrated, sustainable, and regulated sewerage and wastewater infrastructure system. Our team was appointed as the Project Implementation Support Consultant in 2017 with completion anticipated in 2023.


SMEC is collaborating with key stakeholders across central, provincial, and local governments to coordinate the services. This includes project performance monitoring, technical design, procurement, construction supervision, social development compliance and safeguards compliance.


The project scope includes the construction of approximately 173km of piped infrastructure, 35,300 house connections and three WWTPs with a total installed capacity of 31.7 mega litres per day.


SMEC is also working with stakeholders to develop an institutional framework for the effective operation and maintenance of the facilities and building resources to support the program’s long term’s sustainability.


Project impact

The outcomes will mitigate contamination of surface and groundwater and the associated spread of water-related diseases and high infant mortality. The MSMIP will provide the first domestic WWTPs in each city’s central business district along with a centralised wastewater management system. Funding is financed by the Asian Development Bank, central government and local governments.


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