Principal Engineering Geologist

Helen has over 20 years of experience on some of Australia’s largest tunnelling projects and has pioneered innovations which are transforming the way people move and connect.


Over Helen’s career, she has led site investigations, data collation, 3D modelling and construction phases for some of the most complex underground civil infrastructure projects in Australia and overseas, including Sydney Gateway, Mount Bold Dam Safety Upgrade, Sydney Metro West, Brisbane Airport Link, West Connex Stage 2, Western Sydney Airport, Batu Hijau and Mt Whaleback. Contributing extensive experience in structural geology, with specific expertise in factual data collection and geological/geotechnical modelling across the tunnelling, mining and dam sector.


Helen’s expertise in geological modelling, provides our clients with valuable information helping to identify a projects potential risks, hazards and areas of high resource potential. This information is utilised to optimise design, reduce costs and improve overall project outcomes.


“I am passionate about discovering new and innovation solutions, having pioneered the recognition of geochemical signatures to assist in the correlation of geotechnical units, resulting in significant improvement to the accuracy of models and increased inter-ramp angles being adopted and achieved for mining pit designs” shared Helen.


“I thoroughly enjoy my role as a Principal Engineering Geologist, working alongside supportive multidisciplinary teams on some of Australia’s largest tunnelling projects. It’s rewarding to see the projects I have worked on evolve and once delivered make a real impactful difference to our communities” shared Helen.


Helen has a Bachelor of Science (Geology) from Macquarie University in Australia as well as a Master of Geotechnical Engineering. Helen is a Chartered Professional (Geology) and a member of the Australian Tunnelling Society, Geological Society of Australia, Australian Geomechanics Society, Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and Engineers Australia. Helen was awarded the Australian Geomechanics Award – 2021 for Best Paper.

Working for SMEC has provided me with an unparalleled opportunity to continuously learn, deliver innovations and bring communities together across ever changing landscapes. It’s a great feeling to be part of a company that is dedicated to making a positive impact.”