Distribution Masterplan Study
SMEC has successfully delivered a Distribution Master Plan Study for the Government of Tanzania which delivers detailed power system modelling and analysis across four major cities. SMEC collaborated with the Tanzania Electric Supply Company Ltd (TANESCO), on this national strategy to expand electrification and phase out the use of wood fuel as a source of energy.

The four subject regions (Dodoma, Mwanza, Arusha and Mbeya) have an estimated population of around 10 million people. Across the electrical network, line losses, low voltage and power trips are commonplace, but due to a lack of data it was difficult to isolate root cause.


As part of the study, SMEC wrote an electrical distribution planning manual, providing TANESCO with detailed analysis of the distribution network. SMEC also developed concepts for an integrated high voltage transmission network, to increase system supply and reliability. The project will provide grid power to small and medium sized industries contributing to community development.


In addition to preparing the master plan and feasibility study, SMEC provided geographic information system (GIS) and training to TANESCO staff to build inhouse capability. All this has enabled the client to make more informed decisions when faced with operational issues, which helps them to strategically plan future network expansion. Moving forward, TANESCO has acquired a road map and the knowledge base to plan and manage the expansion of distribution networks in Tanzania.


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