San Vicente Energy Strategy
The Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) is tasked with the development and implementation of tourism infrastructure projects across the Philippines. TIEZA has designated San Vicente, Palawan as one of its Flagship Tourism Enterprise Zones. San Vicente’s attractions include the longest white-sand beach in the Philippines, so conservation has been an important consideration in developing the business case.

The carefully master-planned site will be funded under a public-private partnership and will deliver a sustainable infrastructure model for the next generation of residents and visitors. SMEC led an extensive feasibility study to determine appropriate power generation and distribution systems which will be critical in the area’s development. The study provided solutions to address present power supply shortages, alongside the power requirements of future generations.




TIEZA commissioned SMEC to assess the energy options for the municipality to guide the project master plan and inform the development and construction of new power infrastructure that will underpin the government’s tourism strategy. As part of the study, SMEC undertook extensive consultation with key stakeholders and the community to inform our recommendations. With the aid of detailed survey analysis, SMEC identified four distinct mini grid power systems. The clusters incorporate a mix of renewable energy solutions including solar, hydro, and solar/diesel hybrid systems. Having strategic access to sustainable power and energy utilities is essential to stimulating socio-economic development in the area. SMEC has also provided technical services to enable rural electrification that will benefit San Vicente’s 33,000 residents, a significant percentage of whom still have no access to electricity.


SMEC in conjunction with the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Center has assisted TIEZA prepare the bid and transaction documents and rural electrification service delivery model for remote and missionary areas.


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