Graduate Engineer

Why did you choose SMEC?

One of the main reasons for choosing SMEC is that SMEC has a diversified field of consultancy works such as Rail & Metro, Bridges & Tunnels, Water & Environment etc. and so for a fresh graduate like myself, it was a no-brainer to join SMEC and get that scope to venture into those various sectors. Also, getting an opportunity to be a part of this esteemed establishment is a career growth booster as SMEC is a globally recognized organization.



What do you enjoy most about your internship / graduate program at SMEC?

Having a first-hand professional experience at a multilateral and renowned organization at SMEC, I was able to have a deep insight about a Mega Project and its various sectors & divisions. Before that during my undergraduate studies or even after that, I never would have been able to comprehend such knowledge and experience.



What surprised you about your time at SMEC so far?

During the graduate program, what was surprising to me is the embracement of the teams that I have been a part of. They were extremely helpful and made my first professional experience to be thoroughly enjoyable and educating.



At this stage, where do you think your SMEC story is going to take you?

As a Graduate Engineer, what I feel that my SMEC story is going to elevate my career progression and help me to make an impact for the benefits of the society whilst being part of SMEC.



What advice would you offer to graduates?

What I can affirm as a graduate engineer at SMEC is that being humble, coordinating and having that eagerness to learn will create a greater impact in the professional life later on.



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